My Red Fury: 2010 Taurus SHO

Although I’ve only managed to make it halfway through my 20’s, I have managed to own several vehicles ranging from my “Danger Ranger” 1983 Ford Ranger that required a regular dosage of starting spray to my “Silver Bullet” 1997 Chevrolet Camaro.  I’ve been fortunate to find vehicles I like, with the timing being just right for me to both afford to purchase them for a price I can afford.  Same went for my 2010 Taurus SHO I found a couple years ago.  It was well worth the drive to pick up this baby, and I have yet to regret snagging it when I did.  While it is the most expensive vehicle I have purchased to date, it also has the most features that I actually use on a pretty regular basis.

Of course, like every other vehicle I had to find something to change on it.  While I have yet to take a photo shoot after my modifications, they likely would go unnoticed anyways.  On this already quick luxury machine I picked up some extra ponies by tuning it with a Livernois Motorsports stage 3 tune; letting it breath with an Airaid cold air intake; and letting it blow everything out through a Corsa cat-back exhaust.  The tone isn’t obnoxious, the turbos are noticable now, and the performance was noticeable with just these few modifications.  It still makes a wonderful daily driver that blends in, but stands out when you want it to.

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